Our Real Estate Auction Company Locations Acrosss the U.S.

As a leading national professional auction company, Tranzon works with a large team of auction professionals to create personalized property marketing and sell properties to a nationwide audience. We provide both in-person and online property auctions all over the country. And every day, we help buyers all over the U.S. — and the world — find the right real estate for their needs.

With the skilled assistance of a professional auction company like Tranzon, you can easily sell your property virtually anywhere nationwide, on a timeline that works best for your unique situation.

Enjoy the Benefits of a National Auction Company

Working with a national real estate auction company like Tranzon is a better way to do real estate, according to Samantha Kelley, from Tranzon Auction Properties.

Our national property auctions deliver these benefits to property sellers:

  • Access to many property buyers locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Local professionals who will work with you to put your property in the best position to attract high bids.
  • A network of qualified nationwide auction and marketing professionals who will work together to sell your property quickly and efficiently.
  • Aggressive personalized marketing of your property using an extensive network of online and other channels where we list national real estate for sale.
  • Market-driven sale results created through the property auction's sense of urgency and competitive bidding environment.

Where Can You Find Tranzon in the U.S.?

Tranzon operates in a variety of locations that allows us to reach across the United States for a variety of properties and buyers:

  • Virginia: We can help sellers connect with property buyers in all major cities within and around the state of Virginia and all over the U.S. You can find us selling real estate in Lawrenceville, Lynchburg, Petersburg, Hopewell, Parksley, Chester, Dinwiddie, Richmond and many other areas throughout Virginia.
  • Pennsylvania: We have buyers and sellers of a variety of properties in PA. Even though Pennsylvania covers a wide area, we are able to reach the widespread market.
  • Oklahoma We market and auction both commercial and residential real estate in Oklahoma, including land and industrial property. You can contact us for the sale of your property in Burbank, Muskogee, Beggs, Pawhuska, St. Mounds, Skiatook, Madil, Durant and other towns throughout OK.
  • Kentucky: We have auctioneers who provide excellent service within and around Kentucky, selling commercial and residential real estate, farmland, and more.
  • Maryland: We have extensive knowledge of property markets in metropolitan and suburban Maryland and surrounding areas, such as northern Virginia and Washington, DC. If you are looking to sell in and around MD, we can reach a diverse market for your property.
  • Florida: We conduct both online and on-site auctions for real estate including beachfront and waterfront properties, commercial buildings and land, residential homes and building sites, and other real estate throughout all areas of Florida.
  • Tennessee: Our team of auctioneers is prepared to help sellers from Memphis, TN to Nashville, Kingsport and everywhere in between.
  • Maine: Contact our Maine office to sell your commercial or residential property, including premier real estate, waterfront property, bank-owned real estate, and more.
  • California: Throughout California and coast-to-coast, we are able to sell and provide opportunities in the real estate market.
  • North Carolina: Find properties for sale in your area or sell your property quickly in North Carolina, including the Raleigh, Charlotte and Asheville areas, to name a few.
  • South Carolina: We are ready to provide professional auction services for residents throughout South Carolina.
  • New York: Our New York location offers an incredibly diverse range of property types, so sell yours quickly and effectively with us.
  • Georgia: Our team of in-house professionals can help Georgia-based residential or commercial real estate property owners find pre-qualified bidders.
  • Connecticut: We have the expertise to help commercial and residential real estate sellers in Connecticut reach their financial goals Whether they own property in New Haven, Hartford, Bridgeport or New London.

We also offer services in many more locations throughout the United States.

At these and other U.S. locations, we provide all types of real estate auction services, from commercial property sales to residential. Some sellers are private owners selling a parcel of land or farmland, a single-family home, tenant home ranch or farm. Some are selling industrial facilities, offices or nursing homes. In other property auctions, we can help investors or trustees sell various types of commercial or bank-owned property across the United States due to our national professional network.

We have access to property investors who are qualified and willing to bid for properties in the U.S. We’re ready to help you market your real estate aggressively online and among local property investors.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Property in the Fastest Possible Time For the Highest Possible Price

If you need to sell your commercial, residential, industrial or land real estate by a particular date in virtually any part of the U.S., fill out a free property consultation, and a Tranzon professional advisor will contact you to prescribe your ideal solution. If you've been asking "How can I sell my real estate nationwide?", you've come to the right place. Contact us and start the process today.

Property buyers looking for a specific type of real estate can search our listings for land lots, commercial properties, and residential homes for sale all over the country.

How Can You Join Our Team of Auctioneers?

Tranzon conducts national auctions, but we also have local expertise that’s hard to beat. We combine the immense benefits of a large national company with specific insight into the local real estate market.

We’re continually seeking talented auctioneers to join us. If you want to work with a great team, visit this page to get more information. If you have a licensed real estate auction company and want to join our national franchise, please contact us today.

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