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When you have Georgia commercial real estate, land, or residential real estate to sell, the objective is usually to sell the property as fast as possible while also making a good return on your investment. If you're operating on a timeline and want aggressive marketing and access to a thoroughly vetted pool of buyers, contact Tranzon Driggers.

Tranzon Driggers helps commercial and residential property owners in Georgia and beyond sell real estate on the timeline that works for them and without compromising its fair market value. Our national real estate auction company matches sellers with thoroughly vetted buyers ready to work on an accelerated timeline.

Best of all, our auction professionals pair in-depth local market knowledge with a deep understanding of the residential or commercial real estate experience. When you choose Tranzon Driggers for your Georgia real estate auction, you'll put the power of our stellar nationwide reputation to work for you.

Georgia Real Estate Services

At Tranzon, we have in-house professional auction advisors who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise concerning real estate markets. You'll appreciate the thorough assessment we'll provide that includes a complete evaluation of your property. We'll take the time to get to know you and understand your needs so we can provide you with the best advice possible, whether you're an individual seller, corporation, financial institution, or a trustee.

When you choose Tranzon Driggers to sell your Georgia real estate, you'll get:

  • Access to a nationwide network of qualified buyers: Tranzon is a nationwide company with offices across the United States. That benefits your residential or commercial property sale because we're able to target buyers from outside Georgia who may be excellent candidates to purchase your property. When you have several interested candidates bidding at your asset's auction, you'll get to a fair market value price faster than you would with a traditional sale.
  • A transaction that works on a timeline you establish: Sometimes, sellers can wait months or years for their property to change hands. But if you're looking to reinvest your resources elsewhere, that timeline may not work. When you partner with Tranzon Driggers, you can sell your Georgia property on the timeline that will best suit your goals. You can also reduce carrying costs associated with your property while attracting attention from qualified buyers who are ready to sign on the dotted line. Tranzon helps you create a sense of urgency.
  • A customized marketing plan that proactively targets interested buyers: We will develop a customized marketing plan that we'll typically put into the market about 30 days before your auction. We'll deliver a pre-qualified pool of bidders who are interested in your property and will compete for the right to sign a purchase agreement on the same day the auction closes. You can typically close on your residential or commercial real estate sale within 30 to 45 days following the auction.

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