Sell Foreclosed Real Estate

Sell Foreclosed Property & Real Estate

If you're a lender managing the disposition of foreclosure assets, you're likely looking for a way to sell your property quickly and still get the best possible return on investment. Auctioning your foreclosed property with Tranzon creates a competitive bidding process that draws a nationwide audience to your real estate and drives up the price of your property, so you don’t have to compromise your bottom line for efficiency.

Whatever the size or scope of your property asset portfolio, Tranzon’s national network of professional auctioneers can work with you to sell your foreclosed property on a timeline that best meets your needs.

We Work With Banks to Sell Foreclosed Residential and Commercial Property

How do you know if Tranzon's foreclosed auction process is right for your foreclosed or REO property? Tranzon's auction professionals are here to advise you on the right way to sell your inventory most effectively. We work with banks across the country to auction foreclosed homes and businesses quickly and for the best possible price.

If you're wondering how to sell REO properties for the highest return, Tranzon's foreclosure auction process provides an excellent alternative to traditional auctions. Our unique Market-Making System™ — which has been proven effective in accelerating property sales and maximizing value — uses a customized marketing strategy to aggressively market your property to interested potential buyers across the country.

From setting sale dates that works best for your asset liquidation goals to structuring auctions to suit your needs, we work with lenders throughout the process to sell all types of foreclosed or REO properties using strategies designed to get the most value for our clients.

Advantages of a Tranzon Auction for Foreclosed Real Estate Properties

Tranzon provides complete solutions to lenders looking for a quick, economical way to sell foreclosed real estate. As one of the most experienced and trusted auction companies in the industry, we offer many benefits to banks and other lenders, including:

  • Minimizing holding costs: We'll evaluate your unique needs and sell your real estate as quickly as possible to lower the costs of your unsold assets.
  • Extensive knowledge of local and state regulations: Tranzon operates through a network of experienced professionals who have extensive expertise in dealing with jurisdictions across the country. You can rest assured that we'll conduct your sale properly according to regional regulations and laws.
  • Depth of experience: Our companies have sold thousands of properties for lenders nationwide. Our expertise ranges from selling single-family homes in foreclosure to multimillion-dollar commercial properties — and from single-property sales to ballroom offerings or online auctions of dozens of parcels in multiple states.
  • A national buyer database: We expose each foreclosed property to an extensive audience of qualified bidders using our national buyer database. This database includes thousands of investors from across the country —a prime audience for foreclosed properties.
  • Local and national dynamic: Our nationwide support combines with our local expertise to provide you with both personalized services and the resources of a large national organization. This dynamic allows us to seamlessly manage complex, multi-state real estate portfolios while still maintaining the benefit of local market knowledge that helps to maximize sales price.

Set Your Own Timeline With Tranzon

Let the professional advisors at Tranzon deliver efficiency and the best price for your organization. Our experienced team will work with you on a timeline that meets your needs.

Trust your foreclosed property auction to the professionals at Tranzon — contact us today to request your free professional property consultation and take the next step toward selling your foreclosed or REO property.

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