Selling Inherited Property

Selling Inherited Property

Managing an inherited estate after the death of a loved one often involves dealing with a number of complex financial decisions. If you are an executor, guardian, conservator or other fiduciary facing these decisions, you may be aware that quickly removing the burden that an inherited property can create is often one of the most difficult of these financial challenges.

Many beneficiaries — particularly in states that impose an inheritance tax — decide to sell inherited real estate to ease the financial burden of the property and the resulting inheritance tax, and in many cases, to be able to divide its value among multiple heirs.

Selling a home or other real estate assets after a relative dies is often the largest and most complex part of any estate sale. While there are many ways to conduct an estate sale, one effective method that has surged in popularity is a professional property auction. Tranzon's professional auctioneers can assist you to make selling a deceased loved one's home, commercial asset or investment property as fast and efficient as possible.

Selling Inherited Property After A Loved One's Death Via Auction

While many people's first reaction upon inheriting a property is to place it on a listing site, it might take months — or even years, in some cases — to find an interested buyer. During this time, insurance, utilities and other maintenance costs can stack up and create an undue financial burden on heirs.

Instead, property auctions allow you to set your own timeline for selling your newly acquired investment property, farm, commercial property or other type of real estate — a particular advantage to beneficiaries who want to sell their asset as quickly as possible. They also create a competitive bidding environment to ensure you get the highest possible price for your inherited property to pay back any bills or taxes you might owe.

Because you can set the sale date at a pace that works best for your needs, auctions offer an excellent advantage for anyone looking to sell an inherited property quickly and effectively without compromising on price.

Let Tranzon Take the Stress out of Selling Your Inherited Property

If you're looking for a way to take the hassle out of selling your inherited real estate, Tranzon's team of dedicated professionals will help prescribe your ideal solution. We're more than just a leading national auction company — behind that reputation is a network of auction professionals with local market expertise and extensive experience in estates who will we work with you to create a marketing and selling solution tailored to meet your needs.

If our property auction service is the right fit for your situation, we'll personalize a proactive marketing campaign dedicated to getting your inherited real estate in front of your ideal target audience using an intensive four- to six-week marketing campaign. On the day of the sale, we auction your property through a simple, competitive bidding process that encourages pre-qualified buyers to pay the best price for your estate.

You won't have to worry about taking care of the small details — our team will be here to market and sell your residential or commercial assets and answer any concerns you might have during the auction process.

Sell Your Inherited Real Estate Without Contingencies

Many estates have unresolved issues that make selling difficult. Beneficiaries often feel the burden of repairing the property before closure, but with Tranzon, you can take the responsibility of repair expenses and concessions off your shoulders.

Unlike traditional contracts, property auctions allow you to sell your real estate in an "as is, where is" condition. No matter what shape your inherited property is in, we'll help you sell without the standard contingencies or expensive repairs that can often prolong or add cost to a typical real estate closing process.

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You might have many questions during this time, such as, "What are the next steps I have to take to sell my inherited property?" If you're ready to move forward in selling your inherited home or business assets, then turn to the professionals at Tranzon to help.

Let us help you sell your property quickly and hassle-free — contact us today and request your free property consultation to get started.

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