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Do you have Tennessee commercial real estate or residential property that you need on the market? Get in touch with Tranzon Asset Advisors. Tranzon is a nationwide network of real estate professionals who excel at getting the highest possible price in the shortest period of time. When you partner with us, you'll get a customized marketing package and a quick and efficient sale, ensuring your transaction takes place within a timeline you establish.

Why Should You Engage Us to Oversee the Sale?

The live or online auction model offers sellers several key advantages over the traditional sales model. As one of the most respected names in national real estate, Tranzon Asset Advisors puts our impeccable reputation to work for you. When you’re looking to sell Tennessee commercial real estate or residential land via auction, you'll gain access to our wide network of professionals who understand competitive bidding and bring exceptional expertise to the table.

Some of the benefits of engaging Tranzon to sell your Tennessee real estate include:

  • You're more likely to win fair market value. When you’re looking to sell either a residential or commercial property, you want your asset to close at fair market value. The competitive bidding process achieves this quickly and efficiently. We can put the power of our nationwide network of qualified investors to work for you and help deliver a fair market value selling price within the timeline you establish.
  • You're more likely to eliminate hassle and expense. Selling your Tennessee real estate via auction means you can eliminate the hassle and expense associated with choosing a broker and showing the property on multiple dates. Because you can sell on your timeline, you can also reduce carrying costs. Tranzon Asset Advisors will handle all of the marketing and deliver targeted, proactive messaging about your property to our wide network of fully-vetted prospective buyers. Your asset will immediately get visibility with buyers who are looking in your precise market. Tranzon's Market-Making System ensures you'll get the due diligence you deserve.
  • You're more likely to create a sense of urgency. Commercial and investment real estate buyers usually aren't in a rush. They spend several weeks or months evaluating their options and analyzing metrics such as capitalization rate and market factors. Whether you've inherited property you don't want or you've chosen to invest your resources elsewhere, Tranzon Asset Advisors can create a sense of urgency that will help your property close within your timeline.
  • You'll tap into our broad network of ready-to-sign buyers who know and trust us. Real estate is a relationship-driven business -- especially commercial real estate -- and our reputation is superb. When you partner with Tranzon, buyers will recognize your sale as one managed to our high standards. We'll bring white-glove service and local market expertise to your sale, helping you get the highest price possible, as quickly as possible.

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