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Tranzon takes a hands-on, relational approach to online real estate auctions -- interacting with bidders, answering their questions, and keeping them updated in real time. So you don't have to worry about our online auctions being the kind of impersonal, automated experience that you might find elsewhere.

If you are a property owner or trustee who has considered selling your property online, you may be like many who are looking for a way to sell your real estate fast without accepting less than the property's market value.

Whether you're a downsizing homeowner, real estate investor, inheritor of an estate or manager of bank-owned properties, every seller would love a quick sale. Real estate auctions provide a compelling option for the sale of any kind of property — commercial, residential , industrial, and land — by bringing interested buyers together to compete. Online auctions allow you to have a set timeline that works best for your unique situation. They also allow bidders to participate from almost anywhere in the world!

Is Selling Property Online Right for You?

How do you know if an online auction is right for your property? After all, there are many auction methods, and the specifics of your property and market should be considered when forming a strategy. The auction professionals at Tranzon are here to advise you on the best way to sell your property in the shortest possible time for the highest possible price — and online auctions are one of the many tools at our disposal to accomplish that for you.

Whether it's online or in person, a real estate auction is one of the most effective methods for selling your property. An auction is a very intense real estate marketing method. It gets your property sold publicly through a transparent, competitive bidding process on a timeline you control. Learn more about selling your property in an online auction from our online auction FAQ page.

A Real Estate Auction Offers Many Benefits to the Seller

Sellers can benefit from an auction because:

  • The Transaction Is Fast: The auction process is quite fast. You simply discuss with your auctioneer and decide on the auction date and the terms of the sale. Then, the property goes through an aggressive marketing process until the auction date. When the successful bidder is determined, the closing process starts immediately.
  • Buyers Come Prepared: Buyers are provided with detailed information on the property and terms of the sale, and Tranzon's professional auctioneers handle buyer interactions and questions about the property.
  • Property Is Exposed to Many Prospects: Before the day of the auction, your property will be marketed to a large and targeted audience of potential buyers using Tranzon's Market-Making System.
  • The Auction Is Competitive: The bidding process creates healthy competition among would-be buyers, encouraging them to push up the price of the property until it reaches or possibly even exceeds the estimated market value. In this way, the market truly determines the price.
  • Closing Is Without Contingencies: When your property is sold at an auction, it will be sold as-is, where-is, meaning there are no contingencies on the closing. There are no inspection requirements or to-do lists for you to accomplish before you can close on the property, and the buyer is required to have any necessary financing arranged before bidding.
  • You Can Save Time and Money: You don't have to keep paying maintenance costs or spend time and energy on numerous open houses to show prospects the property you want to sell.

The online property auction is quickly growing in popularity as one of the fastest and best ways to sell your property at the current market value.

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Many home and property owners have been asking: “I want to sell my land online. How do I get it done fast?” Some also ask, “How do I sell my property online quickly?" or "How do I sell my home or real estate online?” If you are wondering about the best way to sell your property, learn more from us and our hands-on approach to selling your property.

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