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As a nationwide network of experienced professionals, Tranzon helps alleviate the stress of selling or buying land, with services specific to Pennsylvania. Whether you have a residential property in Allentown or Bethlehem, or commercial land in Pittsburgh or Philadelphia, you need experienced knowledge to close the sale. Tranzon gives you the guidance necessary to reach your real estate objectives.

Some advantages of doing business with Tranzon Alderfer include:

  • Expert advice on your auction strategy, such as whether to sell online listings as well as or conduct an in-person auction.
  • Our proprietary buyer database that includes investors and real estate agents as well as "end users" (people looking to buy your property for their own use), in PA and beyond.
  • A faster sale that results in lower holding costs for properties and land.

Tranzon understands state laws and regulations as well, and our professionals can guide you through your selling experience. Having someone versed in Pennsylvania guidelines to advise you throughout the process saves you time and helps to ensure a smooth sale.

Offering East Coast and National Real Estate Sales

In addition to working with people in Pennsylvania, we also have a national presence and an extensive database of national buyers — many of them investors looking for new opportunities. This regional-national dynamic allows us to manage large, multi-state portfolios, drawing on local market knowledge that can maximize sales prices. Our job is to match the right buyer with the right seller, and our broad network on the East Coast and across the country makes this possible.

Our real estate auctions in Pennsylvania and other locations also create a sense of urgency and can help your property sell more quickly. Both buyers and sellers who are ready to make a deal can work with us for a quick transaction. We interact with potential buyers and get them excited about your property.

We Collaborate With You to Sell Your PA Property

Your needs and goals play an essential role in the selling process. We provide property marketing that puts your residential or commercial property in front of a targeted buyer audience, in order to achieve your goals on your selling timeline. Throughout the process, we listen to you and give you the reports and information you need while taking the responsibility of selling a property off your shoulders.

Listing your property and waiting for it to sell is great for some property sales, but Tranzon provides a solution for real estate that allows for effective and timely transactions. A proactive approach will get better results on a property that may be costing you money, time, or stress. Tranzon Alderfer knows how to secure the best outcome for your situation. Let us act as your solution when selling a property. Our industry skills and depth of experience set us apart.

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We believe good professional relationships are based on trust. You can count on our wealth of experience, professionalism, and reputation as a trusted name in real estate.

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