Selling Commercial Property

Selling Commercial Real Estate Property

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Selling commercial real estate quickly requires a unique approach. Unlike residential property, most commercial buyers will spend more time evaluating their options, and the methods for assessing commercial and investment properties differ as well. It's important that your asset attracts as many targeted, qualified buyers as possible within a timeline that works best for you and that you have the help of a professional advisor who understands the commercial real estate market.

Selling Commercial Real Estate Property at Auction

It’s good to place your property with a listing service to get the best price for it. But today, using a listing service alone could keep your asset on the waiting list for many months — or years. That's why smart sellers now use the marketing and selling system known as property auctioning.

You may be thinking, "Can it sell my commercial property fast?" Yes, a commercial real estate auction allows you to set a timeline that works best in your situation. It makes it possible to set a date, attract good buyers, and sell commercial land or buildings at a great price.

Targeted Exposure

Tranzon's Market-Making System™ helps our clients reach the largest number of potential buyers within the shortest time possible. Our expert marketing teams research potential buyer markets for your property type and area and market to them directly. We let all your target buyers know you have a commercial property to sell using a personalized marketing campaign designed for your individual property.

Potential investors need to know your asset is available, and the best way to raise their interest is through a proactive approach that puts your real estate in front of likely buyers. Tranzon's auctioneers use multiple forms of advertising on various platforms to sell your commercial property.

Creating Urgency

Auctioning your commercial property not only provides targeted exposure to a particular buyer group, but it also creates a sense of urgency by setting a specific sale date. In both of these ways, we bring your real estate to the buyer rather than passively waiting for the buyer to find your asset. This creates a competitive market where the transparent competition between motivated bidders will determine the purchasing price of your commercial property.

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Determining your commercial land or structure's potential worth to investors or end-users is a very different process from residential real estate. It involves a thorough knowledge of market conditions, zoning, and often your asset's capitalization rate — a ratio of its income potential to its sale price.

Selling commercial real estate property can also be very relationship-driven. Getting a professional consultation will allow you to set a reasonable selling price for the property. A professional consultation can also help convince buyers they’re getting good value for their money. Tranzon provides a professional consultation of your asset and provides you with expert advice on how to sell your commercial property in the shortest possible time for the highest possible price.

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