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Sell Residential Real Estate Property

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Whether you're a homeowner or a house-flipper, an investor or an executor, you have more options than ever before to sell your residential property. But if you want to sell your real estate on a timeline and at its market value, your choices are more limited. Selling your real estate quickly without compromising on its value is a challenge and takes the skills of a professional who understands your target market and can effectively drive the right buyers to your listing.

Why Sell Your Home at Auction?

With traditional real estate listing methods, your property could be on the market for months before you even see one interested buyer. And if you're in a hot market where homes are selling quickly, you're faced with a different problem: how to price your home to get the most you can for it so that you don't leave money on the table. But an alternative approach is available to homeowners who want to sell their house and land quickly or simply before their next home's settlement date, one which solves both these problems — residential property auctions.

Whether you recently inherited an estate, moved to a new area or downsized your home, auctions allow you to quickly move on from a property that's burning a hole in your wallet or adding a burden to your life. And because potential buyers come together in an open, competitive bidding process, the market truly determines the price. Selling your home at an auction enables you to set a timeline and a specific date of sale then brings motivated buyers together to compete to establish the highest possible price.

Selling Your House at Auction Has Many Advantages

Auctions offer numerous benefits over other methods. Some of the many pros of auctioning your home include the following:

  • The sale is fast: Tranzon works with you to sell your residential property on a timeline that best meets your needs. Once you and your auctioneer decide on an auction date and strategy, we market your property using an aggressive campaign designed to target potential buyers who will compete during the sale. The closing process will begin as soon as the winning bidder is determined. If you want to sell your residential property fast it is important to note that a certain timeframe is needed to market your property to buyers effectively. We will advise you on a timeline that will lead to a profitable sale.
  • The process is simple: As a homeowner who wants a fast sale, you likely don't want to take the time and effort to research market values, give daily tours of your residential property, market your property to interested buyers or talk to multiple contractors as part of the evaluating and selling process. With Tranzon you don't have to worry about endless house tours and normal real estate headaches. Tranzon takes care of the marketing and property research, letting you sit back and relax as we market and auction your home.
  • You stay in control: Our timeline and sale date are based on your situation and needs, putting you in control of the process. Also, properties sold at auction are sold without contingencies, allowing you to sell your home without time-consuming and stressful negotiations, inspections or checklists.
  • There's no price ceiling: When bidders come together in the same place, at the same time (whether in-person or online) to compete for the purchase of your real estate, this encourages healthy competition from motivated, pre-qualified buyers and establishes a market micro-climate where your home's value is optimized.

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If you're wondering if you can auction your house, turn to the professionals at Tranzon to assist. We have extensive expertise with residential properties all over the US -- in urban, suburban, and rural settings and all market conditions. After evaluating your property, we'll help you find the right solution for auctioning your home.

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