Benefits for Sellers

Why sell property with Tranzon? Simply put, we are dedicated to helping you sell your real estate in the shortest possible time, at the highest possible price.

The traditional way of selling real estate leaves you at the mercy of buyers’ schedules and demands. Whether you are selling commercial or industrial property, land, or your home or estate, Tranzon helps you take control of the sale. You set the date and terms of the sale, then move on. Every day, the professionals at Tranzon help financial institutions, corporations, non-profits, private investors, and homeowners — to name a few — take the reins on the sale of their real estate.

Advantages of selling with Tranzon:

  • You establish the time and terms of the sale
  • Tranzon’s Market-Making SystemTM puts your property in front of an extensive, targeted audience of potential buyers
  • Your property is sold without contingencies, so there’s no to-do list before closing
  • Bidders on your property are pre-qualified and come prepared with their earnest money

Ready to get started? Fill out our FREE Property Evaluation and a Tranzon professional advisor will get in touch with you to discuss your property.

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