Benefits for Sellers

Why sell property with Tranzon? Simply put, we are dedicated to helping you sell your real estate in the shortest possible time, at the highest possible price.

The traditional way of selling real estate leaves you at the mercy of buyers’ schedules and demands. Whether you are selling commercial or industrial property, land, or your home or estate, Tranzon helps you take control of the sale. You set the date and terms of the sale, then move on. Every day, the professionals at Tranzon help financial institutions, corporations, non-profits, private investors, and homeowners — to name a few — take the reins on the sale of their real estate.

Advantages of Selling With Tranzon

Suzy Murphy, of Tranzon Fox, explains how Tranzon is different from traditional real estate because we profile buyers to ultimately help the seller.

Auctioning your land or property offers many benefits, and Tranzon's professional expertise and effective marketing methods ensure you get the best advantage from auctioning your real estate. Here are some of the benefits Tranzon offers property sellers:

  • You establish the time and terms of the sale
  • Tranzon’s Market-Making System™ puts your property in front of an extensive, targeted audience of potential buyers
  • You sell your property "as is" without contingencies, so there’s no to-do list before closing
  • Bidders on your property are pre-qualified and come prepared with their earnest money

Why Should You Auction Your Property?

Many people wonder, "Why should I auction my property rather than selling it through a listing service?" Auctioning your property or land has several benefits over traditional real estate selling methods. As one of the best and fastest ways to sell real estate, property auctions have long been a go-to sales method for financial and commercial property owners wishing to optimize their return on their assets on a timeline they can control -- and more recently, private owners of real estate have begun to take notice of the benefits of the auction process as well.

Advantages Real Estate Auctions Offer:

1. Save Time Selling Your Property

Tranzon works with you to auction your property on a timeline you control. Our auction professionals take the time to understand your unique circumstance and goals for the sale, and we can set the auction for a day that works best for your needs.

Further, with an auction, sellers don't have to worry about taking the time to show their real estate to an array of interested buyers.

2. Save Money

When you can plan around the sale date of your property, you can avoid high carrying costs like taxes, mortgage payments and maintenance fees. You also won't need to hire someone to fix up the property as part of the closing process — everything is sold as-is.

3. Get the Best Price for Your Real Estate

Nothing drives up the price of your real estate like the rush of competition when buyers come together in the same place, at the same time to bid for the purchase of your property. Furthermore, Tranzon's targeted, proactive marketing of your property attracts serious, pre-qualified bidders, not window shoppers. In this way, we set the table for a favorable sale and ensure that the market determines the final price.

Sellers often find that this process is far more effective than regular sale methods at creating demand and generating the best possible price for the property.

4. Ensure a Smooth Selling Process

When property is sold at auction, it's sold "as-is, where-is," meaning that your real estate is sold without contingencies. The transaction is not subject to repairs, financing, or any other closing arrangements not previously stated in the terms & conditions that each buyer agrees to before bidding. Bidders are also provided an extensive packet of information about the property that will help them make a truly informed decision.

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Selling your property through an online or live auction has numerous advantages, and they begin with requesting your professional property consultation. Tranzon's experts will work with you to prescribe an ideal solution for your situation and needs, and we'll extensively market your property to a local and national audience of qualified investors — just contact us today to start the process.

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