Selling Real Estate at Auction

Selling Real Estate at Auction

How does a Tranzon auction work? And how do we help you sell your real estate in the shortest possible time, at the highest possible price? Here’s an example of a typical selling process.

  1. Contact. If you are interested in finding out how the professionals at Tranzon can help you sell your real estate, give us a call or fill out our FREE Property Evaluation. Everyone’s situation is unique, so we’ll ask some questions to get to know about you, the property you’re selling, and your goals for the sale.
  2. Planning. Tranzon’s expert team will assess your goals, analyze the potential market, and present you with a customized strategy for effectively reaching the right buyers for your property using Tranzon’s Market-Making System TM. This plan will include our recommendations for how to structure the sale as well as how we plan to find and target the right buyers.
  3. Marketing. When a strategy for the sale is agreed upon, we’ll go to work — aggressively marketing your property to a targeted audience in order to build awareness among serious buyers. Circumstances may differ, but we will usually market your property for 30 days prior to the sale date. We’ll keep you informed with detailed reports about the effectiveness of our marketing along the way.
  4. Sale day. On sale day, pre-qualified bidders will compete to buy your property without contingencies, and the winning bidder signs the purchase agreement that same day.
  5. Close. Because your buyer is pre-qualified and there are no contingencies on the sale, closing is typically a straightforward process that takes 30-45 days.

This proven method of selling real estate, combined with Tranzon’s depth of expertise, has been successful time and time again for the sale of all types of property, including commercial, industrial, residential, recreational, and land. We’ve helped financial institutions, corporations, investors, and homeowners all over the country to find the right buyer and get a good return on the sale of their real estate.

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