Waterfront Lots Plus Acreage - Ozello, FL Crystal River, FL

Property Location MAP

13255 West Ozello Trail
Crystal River, FL 34429

Property #: DG696

Contact Agent

Karen Tringali
Tranzon Driggers

(877) 374-4437 ktringali@tranzon.com

Tranzon Driggers sold 19± lots and an additional 91± acres all in a single transaction to a single buyer. The property was located in Ozello, a quaint waterfront village near Crystal River, Florida. The multi-faceted marketing campaign generated 96 inquiries from prospects located in 18 states and Canada. Seven prospects registered to participate in the online auction and a total of 20 competitive bids were placed. The auction yielded a purchase and sale agreement signed by the buyer and the seller. The transaction closed 16 days later.

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