Vilano Beach Oceanfront, St Augustine FL St. Augustine, FL

Property Location MAP

2842 and 2848 Coastal Highway
St. Augustine, FL 32084

Property #: DG674

Contact Agent

Karen Tringali
Tranzon Driggers

(877) 374-4437

Tranzon Driggers sold this oceanfront property located at Vilano Beach in St. Augustine, Florida. The marketing campaign generated 113 direct inquiries from prospects located in 20 states, Canada, and Sweden. A total of 67 prospects registered to participate in the online auction. Very active, competitive bidding extended the online auction for an additional 40 minutes beyond the scheduled end time. A total of 80 bids were placed by 10 unique bidders during the course of the online auction. The auction produced a purchase and sale agreement signed by the buyer and the seller and the transaction closed on schedule 30 days later.

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