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Amelia Island Plantation Home, Fernandina Beach, FL

Tranzon Driggers sold this Amelia Island Plantation Home in Fernandina Beach, Florida after being hired by the seller who was seeking a fresh marketing and selling approach. A custom auction marketing campaign was developed and implemented. The campaign extensively exposed the property in the NE FL real estate marketplace. Marketing components included digital marketing, social media, print advertising, direct mail, and a press campaign that resulted in a featured newspaper article.

Response to the marketing campaign netted over 13,000 web page views. Inquiries were received from 107 people in 19 states. Twenty-six people attended 2 scheduled property previews. Nine prospective buyers registered to participate in the live auction.

The campaign resulted in a contract for the property and successful closing.

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Tranzon, LLC was formed to bring together independent, regional companies into a national auction and accelerated marketing group. Tranzon's companies combine the benefits of local market knowledge with national resources. All Tranzon companies are independently owned and operated.




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