Letter from our CEO


We Are Prepared: The Challenges of COVID-19

Hello Dear Valued Clients, Customers, Family, and Friends,

We are in unprecedented times. And although you have undoubtedly already received numerous emails from retailers, vendors and the media, we also join in to assure you that we are monitoring this ever changing landscape in our effort to continue to do what we do best while being vigilant as to the safety and well-being of our most valued asset…you.

COVID-19 has now made its impact on every facet of our lives. Schools are being closed and long planned semesters abroad cancelled. Churches are closed and broadcasting online. The baseball season start is delayed, March Madness cancelled, and the NBA and NHL seasons are in suspension. Significant travel restrictions are now in place with more likely to follow.

It is in these times that we need to be diligent and strive to be especially sensitive to those who are affected by our shared crisis. We remain committed to assist in all ways possible those who are quarantined, at risk, employment challenged and/or burdened by home care. We are fortunate to live in this age of advanced technology. Tranzon Companies provide cutting-edge processes that allow for distance engagement and business continuity for remote participation for our customers and clients as well as our employees and agents.

Some of our auction campaigns are required to be held on-site due to the nature of the asset or the legal requirements of the process. In those instances, we will endeavor to provide circumstances and surroundings as safe as is possible. Please help us to maintain contact with you regarding any changes to a specific auction for which you have an interest by signing in on that campaign at

None of us know for certain how long this crisis will remain our shared challenge. Collectively, we will persevere, and in the meantime, we wish for you and yours safety, good health, and minimum disruption.

Please do not hesitate to share any concerns with your Tranzon representative.



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