Tranzon has solutions for lenders with non-accrual assets and REO.

Non-accrual Assets

Creative strategies to reduce the impact of foreclosures.

Tranzon conducts the judicial foreclosure sale in lieu of the Clerk of Court. By changing just a few variables, mainstream "retail" buyers participate in the process, significantly increasing the likelihood of a third party outbidding the lender at the foreclosure auction.

Tranzon "over-markets" the traditional Clerk of the Court conducted foreclosure auction. This high-impact marketing goes significantly beyond the statutory legal notices. It assures that serious buyers know about the sale, eliminating the all too common transition from non-accrual to REO.

Tranzon sells for the delinquent borrower. The lender directs the borrower to Tranzon to design and conduct a commercially viable sale of the assets within tight time constraints to avoid the foreclosure process altogether.

Tranzon sells the note and mortgage prior to foreclosure. Sensitive, high-profile or complicated situations can resolve with little fanfare, avoiding bad press or undesired liability for the lender AND a time certain resolution.


Take action to avoid lingering inventory.

Tranzon conducts a 90-day coordinated Portfolio Phase Out designed to minimize risk, optimize value and produce inventory reductions within a dictated timeframe. Combining the best of traditional real estate exposure with the competitive element of the auction process allows the lender to test market reaction to the asset, determine level of interest and quickly react to both positive and negative market forces.

Tranzon conducts online auctions to quickly move large inventories, lower-valued properties or as circumstances dictate.

Tranzon conducts sealed bid auctions to produce top dollar for assets with narrow or unusual market scope.

Tranzon conducts live auctions - onsite or ballroom - with high-impact marketing to create a competitive bidding environment and generate highest value.

Tranzon, LLC was formed to bring together independent, regional companies into a national auction and accelerated marketing group. Tranzon's companies combine the benefits of local market knowledge with national resources. All Tranzon companies are independently owned and operated.




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